Into the Wild

22. Krakauer says that McCandless had a kind of “idiosyncratic logic.” Explain Krakauer’s meaning and the extent to which you agree or disagree with him.

Outlining Chapters 16–18

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“First of all, the definition of “idiosyncratic” is important to know. It fits Chris just right because it means individualized or eccentric. He was definitely different. I think “idiosyncratic logic” means that it was a particular way of thinking through something that made perfect sense to Chris but not too much sense to us. It was his brand of logic. In this part of the book, Krakauer refers to the way Chris tossed away a map because it had no blank spots on it—everything had been explored or was near something else—even in Alaska. His solution was to get rid of the map, and then he could believe that there might just be blank spots. He lived a kind of fantasy.”