Interpreter of Maladies

why was the ending of a temporary matter left so ambigious? what do you think happens to the couple in the end?

Interpreter of Maladies (pages 1-22)

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The importance of communication within a marriage is a prevalent theme in Interpreter of Maladies. I'm not sure exactly which short story you are referring to. If it is a A Temporary Matter, I think that life is ambiguous, especially with the death of a child. example of secrecy taking its toll on a marriage. Shukumar and Shoba, lost in their own grief, cease communicating with one another. Blackouts allow them the freedom to share secrets they have never shared. They are unfailingly honest and can no longer maintain the illusion that their marriage is still viable. Mrs. Das tries to unburden herself by telling Mr. Kapasi the secret of Bobby's conception. But only Mr. Das can absolve her of her guilt. At the end of the story, nothing has changed in their marriage because she is not able to communicate her lack of love for her family to anyone other than a stranger.