Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl

What is Jacobs character and tone?

what is Jacob's character and tone when she is playing the role of the slave, mother, and granddaughter/niece? what similarities and differences are there between the tone that these characters take and the style in which they were written? why do you believe Jacob's created these similarities and differences between them? how does this influence the reading of the text? how do you know? cite specific examples if you can. 

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Harriet Jacobs/Linda Brent

The narrator of the work published under the name Linda Brent, Harriet tells the story of her childhood and youth as a slave; her persecution from the lascivious Dr. Flint and her relationship with Mr. Sands; her escape to the north and her attempts to protect her children; and her eventual emancipation. She evinces intelligence, fortitude, sympathy, and virtue. She struggles with her choice to engage in premarital sex with Mr. Sands, but tells her readers they have no right to judge her and that free and slave women should be judged differently. She emphasizes her selfless identity as a mother as well as her position as a voice for the slaves still in bondage. An excellent storyteller, she fills her memoir with exciting moments from her adventures, plaintive laments about the horrors of slavery, and compelling arguments for the humanity and dignity of slaves.