Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl

Mr Sand and william went tothe north for a shor day. Did they both treturn? Discuss the incindents that occured during the trip. What reasoning do you feel led to the end result?

in incidents in the life of a slave girl.

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Harriet missed her brother William, who had gone north with Mr. Sands. Mr. Sands wrote that William was an excellent servant, and even though he met abolitionists they were not able to "decoy him away". It was soon reported that Mr. Sands had taken a bride and was to return to the south. The family expected William would come along, but he did not arrive.

A boy was sent by Mr. Sands to tell them that William had been seduced away by the abolitionists. Harriet's grandmother was disconsolate, and Harriet herself knew that she was being selfish but "thought more of what I had lost, than of what my brother had gained." The step her brother took made her "sad and anxious". When another slave, Aggie, asked Harriet's grandmother why she was so upset and was told the answer, she rebuked her and said that she should be glad William was safe and free.