In the Time of the Butterflies

why was the party at trujillos significant and how will minervas actions at the party haunt them?


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Trujillo becomes Minerva's partner. He flirts with her, and she tells him she wants to study in the capital to be a lawyer. But when he implies that he would like to "conquer" her, she says she is "not for conquest." He tells her the university is no place for women, mentioning the "communists and agitators," implying they have been caught. By mistake, Minerva blurts out, "Virgilio Morales?" She must backtrack and pretend she does not know Lio, and Trujillo believes her. When he pulls her inappropriately close, thrusting at her in a vulgar way, she slaps his face.Trujillo feels humiliated. Being a sociopathic dictator, Trujullo will not let her insult go unpunished.