In the Time of the Butterflies

Why are the Mirabel sisters considered heroic?

The statement, “small actions can be considered heroic.” Supports the qualities of the Mirabel sisters because

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The Mirabal sisters were all born with courage, determination, and intelligence. Besides these admirable characteristics, the sisters were all very normal. None of them were any different, socially standard wise, than any other Dominican of that time, and for that matter no different than any other girl trying to grow up and make good decisions. Since the Mirabal sisters were everyday people, their courageous acts made them role models for women. Not only women in the Dominican Republic, but nationwide, the sisters were looked up to as heroes. They made it be seen and heard that any one ordinary woman could make a difference many peoples lives. Growing up as a women in the Dominican Republic there were many traditions that women were expected to follow. The Mirabal sisters proved to their society, and to many other societies throughout the world, that opposition to tradition is not a bad thing. Having a mind of your own is okay.