In the Time of the Butterflies

Who is Lina? What becomes of her?

chapter 2
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Minerva and her friends, Sinita, Elsa Sanchez, and Lourdes, all look up to Lina Lovaton, who is beautiful and is a couple of years older than they are. One day while they are outside playing volleyball, Lina is summoned to meet Trujillo. He has seen her playing volleyball and has insisted upon meeting her. He begins to visit the school often to see her, bringing gifts for her and for the nuns. He even throws her a huge party for her seventeenth birthday. Lina says she has fallen in love with him. But after her birthday party, Lina doesn't return to the school. Minerva learns from her Papa that she was taken to live in a big house as one of Trujillo's girlfriends.

Unfortunately, Lina became pregnant, and Trujillo's wife went after her with a knife. Trujillo was forced to ship her off to Miami where she would be safe, living all alone.