In the Time of the Butterflies

Time of Butterflies questions

What is Patria going to be when she grows up and what stops this from happening?

What is different about Patria’s diction in her chapters compared to the other chapters/?

hat does Minerva study?

Why does she sneak out of school?

Who burns Lio’s letter to Minerva? Where does Minerva find other letters from Lio?

Who discovers Papa is cheating and has another family?

Who communicates with the Mirabal sisters once they are dead?

What position does the Church take and what happens when they do?

Who gets pardoned from prison first?

What makes Patria join the revolution?

What’s so important about Mate’s braid?

What were the internal and external motivations of the sisters? Why did each of them join the revolution (or not)?

What were the conflicts in the novel?

Who is the president of the Dominican Republic and what do the politicals nickname him?

Describe Trujillo as a leader.

Give two reasons why the sisters should have been more cautious while visiting the men in prison?

What is a theme for the novel? Support it with evidence. (Look at the anticipation guide.)

Know who spoke the following quotes and what they mean:

“She’ll bury us all in silk and pearls.”

“So, if there really is no chance I’ll be out soon, then I want to release this poor creature from the life it might be born to.”

“I cried all the way down that mountain….Then I tried looking up at our Father, but I couldn’t see HIs Face for the dark smoke hiding the tops of those mountains.”

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1. Patria planned to enter a convent but then chose to marry Pedrito Gonzales at the age of 16.

You need to submit each of your other questions one at a time. Thanks.