In the Time of the Butterflies

In the Time of butterflies

1. Who is the “ebony black sibyl (female prophet) that people are coming from far places to talk through” (pg. 63)? Why are people consulting her?

2. Who is Minou referring to when she says “I’m tired of being the daughter of a legend?” (pg. 65)

3. What does Dede mean when she says “to be the grande dame of the beautiful, terrible past?” (pg. 65)

4. Who was Virgilio Morales/Lio? What was the significance of him to the Mirabal sisters? What did Trujillo’s government claim about him?

5. Who was Jaimito? How did the author characterize him on pg. 78 that contrasted with Lio?

6. What kind of conflict does Dede have about her feelings for Jaimito? What statement foreshadows her eventual divorce to him on pg. 79?

7. Describe Minerva and Lio’s relationship. Why did it confuse Dede?

8. Dede claims (pg. 79) that “she had always been one to number the stars.” How does this statement as well as others on pgs. 77-78 characterize Dede and contrast her personality to Minerva’s?

9. How did Jaimito cover for/help Lio?

10. What action did Lio take at the end of the chapter? What did he propose to Minerva?

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