In the Time of the Butterflies

in the end of the novel dede remembers her family, but something is missing what is it?

from the book in the time of the butterflies. help appreciated! thankssss

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The sounds of her sisters' footsteps.

Dede goes over a list of the things and people she has lost throughout her life, including Jaimito and Mama. Afterward, she sums up, "The complete list of losses. There they are. And it helps, I've found, if I can count them off, so to speak." She ran into Lio and his wife at a reception in honor of her sisters, and they caught up intensely about the past. She remembers this as she stands overhearing the conversation between Minou and Doroteo, then goes inside to tuck Minou in. Then she falls asleep herself, but it is different that night; she does not hear the spirits of her sisters running through the house. Instead, "all I hear is my own breathing and the blessed silence of those cool, clear nights under the anacahuita tree before anyone breathes a word of the future."