In the Time of the Butterflies

How do the characters(4 sisters) exhibit courage in a way consistent with their personalities?

Quotes will help but not necessary.

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This excerpt from Gradesaver should help you formulate your answer:

"Courage is valued among the characters, and they display it in varying amounts. The sisters are all aware of their cowardice as they perceive it, and while they sometimes fight for courage, in some cases they simply accept their cowardice. Dede in particular struggles with her cowardice. She acknowledges that it is a factor that prevents her from joining her sisters in their rebellious activities. She is afraid of losing her marriage and is afraid of losing her sisters. She does show courage, however, when she lies and says she is Minerva Mirabel.

Similarly, at the end of Chapter 9, when Dede lies in bed tempted to “just let go,” she means that she is tempted to stop trying to maintain her sanity. She talks herself out of it, however, thinking, “Courage! It was the first time she had used that word to herself and understood exactly what it meant.” For Dede, courage means staying strong for herself and her family instead of selfishly running away.

I will check to see if I can find direct quotes for the other sisters.


“The fear is the worst part. Every time I hear footsteps...I’m tempted to curl up in the corner like a hurt animal, whimpering, wanting to be safe. But I know if I do that, I’ll be giving in to a low part of myself, and I’ll feel even less human. And that is what they want to do, yes, that is what they want to do." (Maria Teresa)


Minerva is completely unselfish and has the courage to give up her own son.

“‘But Minerva, your own child --’ I began and then I saw it did hurt her to make this sacrifice she was convinced she needed to make. So I added, ‘I’d love to take care of my little godson here!’” (Patria to Minerva)


Patria's courage came from her faith in God; she prayed.

“My faith was shifting, and I was afraid.”

“When we heard gunfire coming close again, we kept right on praying.”


In the Time of Butterflies