In the Time of the Butterflies

Can "truth according to character" substitute factual information within a novel?

Do you feel that "truth according to character" can substitute for factual information within a novel. Can truth vary based on who is telling the story? Is there a difference between emotional truth and historical fact? If they were studying this part of Dominican history in a social social studies class, which would they be concerned with; emotional truth or historical fact? What benefits can be gained by reading about historical events through the lens of a novel?

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This is such a huge question, I'm not sure where to begin. I suppose your question really depends on the intent of the novel. Is the novel meant to portray an accurate non-fiction narrative through character? Is the author's purpose , rather, to illustrate a character through a historical account? In both cases an author can use some "artistic licence" to achieve his or her aims. Exactly how much artistic licence they can use is up for debate.