In Cold Blood

Who do you think is the target audience is for this piece? Who is the author addressing? How did you come to this conclusion? What information does the author include to appeal to this audience?

In cold blood

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Capote's target audience seems to be those who work within the criminal justice system, as well as those who analyze violent criminals for what he sees as uncontrollable behaviors. Capote seems to be searching for a semblance of sympathy and understanding in cases where the criminal is mentally crippled, as well as promoting intense study into the causes of their behavior in an attempt to better prevent future crimes of this sort.

In this novel, Capote relates to his audience using specific verbiage and field related jargon. He cites historical references (cases of violent murders) to validate his credibility, and seeks to unveil what is some cases directs an individual to participate in horrific crimes such as the Clutter murders.


In Cold Blood