In Cold Blood

how the process/step to develop/change the voice and point of view in the text story little red riding hood to other version of little red riding hood?

now, I have doing research but I get some difficulties. I must analyze the changing voice and point of view of the text little red riding hood story in other version. anyone can help me.. please. I must done in close time

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I'm not sure I completely follow your question. It all depends on the point of view of the story you are reading. It is most probably in third person point of view where an outside narrator is telling it. In that case you might take a character like Red Riding Hood and use first person,

"I was walking through the woods and saw the big bad wolf."

You might make the voice different as in Red Riding hood being braver in the story.

Good Luck!

how to analyze the point of view of the story little red riding hood if there is just using first person??

can mention the steps what should I do?


I am confused to analyze this story : IRMA MONICA (14121310307) PBI B Midterms Test - Writing Composition 2 Litle red riding hood with first point of view (as wolf) Little Red Regrets It was the tenth winter I spent my days in the deep of the dark Aokigahara forest. I felt so lonely because no one of my family still alive. In this forest, I just stayed with my friend, Lapin. He was a rabbit and I was very jealous of him because he has a complete and harmonious family. Everybody knew who I was. I had sharp fang which ready tear up skin until flesh and pierce my prey’s bone, I had red eyes that can see my prey in day or night. This was me, Loup. I was the scariest predator and I was the only wolf in this forest. But I has lost everything, my parents, home, food, friends. I had not them anymore, since that incident. Incident who made me suffer and revenge. Whereas I didn’t wild like this before, but since human outside exploited this forest greedily I became a cruel wolf. Human outside cut down all trees in this forest, killed all animal including my family. Among of evil hunters, I saw a little girl who rode a horse and weared red hood with her father. She was very happy saw all animals were shoted and died. Also my leg was deformed because her. Saw her happiness, raised some feeling that is revenge. The revenge who not yet could be abolished. Until whenever, I still looked for that girl. As usual afternoon, I went around forest. Suddenly, I heard horse step. That horse look like carried on someone, more precisely a girl. The girl was watching Lapin. Not only that, she was looked like wanting to hunt Lapin. Did you know who she is? Yes, someone in that horse is a little girl, my old enemy who was grown up be a girl. But she was not wearing red hood anymore. When I saw her, this revenge became big and biger. I wanted to directly to eat her with my scrap, but that things is very usual for abolish my revenge. I wanted she felt what I felt for along time. “doorrr...” to my surprise gunshots startled me and I saw Lapin was died. Whereas he was the only one friend that I had. And because this incident I was very sad and did not know what to do. I really did not have anyone else. The girl brought Lapin, with a torn heart I followed her journey and up in an old shack. the girl ran straight to the shack and knocked on the door. “who’s there?” sounded like a grandmother who answer. “Little red. I'm bringing you some cake. Open the door for me." said little red. "Just press the latch," called out a grandmother. "I'm too weak to get up”. The girl pressed the latch, and the door opened. She stepped inside, went straight to the grandmother's bed and I still followed her quietly. “where’s your red hood? Why you don’t wear it?” said gradmother. “I’m sorry grandma, I forgot to wear it. I bring you some cake and fresh rabbit, I just hunt it in Aokigahara forest.” The girl replied. “you really make me angry, no one can hunt in that forest anymore. Enough your father who had ruined that forest. You have to know, for many years I protect and liven up that forest until the condition better as nowadays, that’s why I forbidden you to hunt anymore.” Said grandmother sadly. when they were conversing, I could not wait to eat both. But there was something else in my nose, I smelled another wolf. I absolutely sure, this was wolf smell. Immediately I turned around and looked for the source of the smell, exactly in the next door I saw the wolf and he was alike my father. Ah, maybe it's just my hallucination. But with hurried that wolf approached and hugged me. I was speechless, he was real my father. My father still alive, I was very happy and it was a real shock . My father told a lot about the incident who can safe him, and the grandmother who safed and cared him during after the incident. The girl and grandmother saw us, but the grandmother still angry with her grandchild. She dissapointed because first, the girl did not wear red hood, the red hood was grandmother gift. And second, grandmother dissapointed because the girl still hunt the animal. Since then, the little red who was being a girl deeply regretted and promised to not hunt anymore and maintained forest well. She decided to care us and all animal in the forest, and we lived happily ever after. Please help me ..........

Sorry, this is a short question and answer forum. Your question is best handled by your teacher.

my teacher is very busy.....

can not you mention the steps to analyze point of view in the story, if there is just using First point of view?

Hey, examining point of view is more than following a few steps. It involves character, plot, motivation....I'm sure your teacher can help you out, it's his or her job.