If I Die in a Combat Zone

O'Brien is removed from the front lines when what happens to him? also who do the US soldiers most frequently encounter as enemies?

Id i die in a combat zone

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O'Brien is removed from the front lines when he accepts a job at the rear. He is airlifted away from the front lines to perform his new duties away from the fighting.

The second part of your question deals with enemies; those frequently met and oh so hard to detect enemies were in fact..... land mines.

After months of lobbying at the battalion firebase for a job in the rear, it finally comes through, and he is given a job in the battalion headquarters', having served in a rifle platoon less than six months. He is assigned to the Personnel & Administration section (S-1) of the unit.

WHO do the soldiers most frequently encounter as the enemy? On some level, every sullen, antagonistic, anti-American Vietnamese they see; villagers--old men, women, children, water buffalo, everything Vietnamese. In the jargon of the GI, "gooks". While non-combatants, they are considered by the GIs as a visible manifestation of "the enemy". Our perception and treatment of them as such reinforced their animosity toward American GIs. It was a self-perpetuating cycle.

If the question is, WHAT aspect of the enemy accounts for the most injury and death to the GIs, that would be: mines, booby traps (currently referred to by the military as Improvised Explosive Devices [IEDs]), and the occasional sniper round.