I Will Marry When I Want

ngugi's i will marry when i want: how does it relate to the political history of kenya

how the themes of the play link to the political history of kenya during the time the play was written

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The title indicates the desire of the main characters to stay free from the Imperialists who are trying to take away Kenya from the native peoples. Even though the Christians try to bring religion and goodness to the people, they often work with the Imperialists who are trying to profit from the Africans and their country. The title notes that the main characters do not want to lose their power of choice.

The tittle of the play leads to to the theme which is exposed by Kuguunda's possession of his plot...the plot symbolses the whole land of Kenya..Formerly Kenya has been under the British meaning a british colony...eventually gained indipendence in 1963...after the war of indipendence waged by the Mau Mau...so the play therefore is a mirror of the post indipence situation prevailing in Kenya...since indipendence as been generally agreed that those once colonised if they gain indipendence the leaders will lead just like their colonial masters..according to the Ngugi-Kenya is now divided -the rich over the commoners...so this play might be illustrated as a community based theatre..trying to voice out for the voiceless in the Kenyan community...In a biblical cross reference ..the characters's names jazebel and Ahab vs Naboth's land...suits...so a theme THE

SUPERIOR VESUS THE INFERIOR EMANETES THERE...OR Exploitation of the common people.