I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

What kind of relationship does Bailey Johnson Senior have with is family in Stamps? Describe it and include how Bailey and Marguerite/Maya feel about his visit.

Chapters 9 and 10

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In Chapter Nine, Maya and Bailey's father comes to Stamps the next year, to see his children; neither of them were warned that he was coming, and it is hard for them to face their father in the flesh and give up the fantasies they had about their absent father. He is tall and handsome, and more proper and wealthy than the people in Stamps. Maya is happy that he is there, but then thinks that if people see her and her father together, their dissimilarity in looks will make people think she is not his daughter. When he announces that he is leaving, all but Bailey are relieved, as his presence is hard on the family.

Then, he says that he is taking Maya and Bailey with him. Of course, they are happy at first that he wants them to go with him; Maya goes with Bailey, since she couldn't stay behind without Bailey. But, when their father tells them that he is just taking them to their mother's place in St. Louis, they are hurt; they thought they were going with him to California, but he is going to dump them off again, and this time with a mother that they don't even know.