I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

What is the significance of Mr. Taylor's vision? How does his story impact Marguerite?

I need help! Chapter 20-22

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Mr. Taylor is obviously troubled about something, and tells them about something his dead wife said to him the other day. Maya dislikes all the superstitious tales that people in Stamps hear, and doesn't particularly want to listen to the story. Florida Taylor, George's wife, had died during the previous summer. Maya is forced to go to the funeral, because Mrs. Taylor left her a fake-gold brooch in her will, and Momma thinks this obligates her to attend the service, at least. At the funeral, Maya is confronted with the reality of death for the first time; she never considered before that she herself could die, not just old people. During the service, the preacher opens the coffin and directs his eulogy directly at the corpse; this disturbs Maya as well as Mr. Taylor, who thinks this is an improper thing to do.