I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

what do you think of marguerites admiration for mrs.flowers?

From the language of literature 9th grade book page's 480-489

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I think Mrs. Flowers is the perfect role model for Maya. Ms. Flowers is the "aristocrat" of black Stamps, she is a gracious woman who encourages Maya's love of literature, and also helps Maya to break out of her muteness. Maya regards her as the pinnacle of humankind. Maya finds Ms. Flowers a unique role model. She is a black woman who refuses to bend to the stereotypes placed upon black women at the time. Maya finds Ms. Flowers to be intelligent, self-aware, proud and sincere.

Ms. Flowers instills a sense of pride both in Maya and in her identity as a black African American woman. To Ms. Flowers, academics, afternoon tee and literature were not merely white past times. She showed Maya that intellectual and emotional enlightenment were her right as a human being.

Maya aspires to be like her one day. Like Ms. Flowers, Maya wants to hold her head high not simply as a black woman but a proud and intelligent human being.