How to Read Literature Like a Professor

In Robert Coover's novel,In what ways can we say that "Pricksongs and Descants" adopts apositive attitude towards man?

The characters are passive.

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Coover's Pricksongs and Descants is both a fictional and theoretical novel. Coover's title and text both have double meanings, although what we believe to be sexual conotation is actually a metaphor for the actual union of "reading and writing." This collection of short stories contains fictional renditions of the author's favorite legends in which he orchestrates and controls the chracters.

The collection of stories is cometimes believed to be an invitation to revisit childhood or even to experience a second childhood, but Coover's renditions are cynical, and as you wrote above its attitudes can be considered passive or maybe more accurately accepting and complacent. Coover uses narrative writing in to portray slices or pieces of how people think, and we in turn, can see the many facets of the personality at work. I personally find most of them to be quite dark and to portray people with the most base behaviors just waiting to escape their imaginations and becomes real life.