How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents

What steps does each girl take to "loose their accents"? How are they trying to become more American? And what is each girl doing to define herself as an individual?


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This question has far more to do with assimilation than loss of accent, and each of the girls took steps to comply with the cultural changes in their new home, as well as to fight against it. You havr to rememeber that this family didn't immigrate in order to find a "financially" better life; they immigrated to America for political protection. They had everything they could want in their home, whereas in America they had rental homes and second hand furniture/ clothing.

The girls came here unable to speak or understand English. This singled them out..... isolated them so to speak. Yolanda is terrified of speaking in front of anyone..... she's ridiculed. Each of the girls was ridiculed in one way or another, and each of them became insecure with their public place because of it. Carla is made fun of regularly...... her classmates refer to her with racial slurs.

The steps of Americanization serve to remove them not only from their culture, but to remove their relationship with their parents as well. The girls have two lives.... one on the isalnd and one in America. They develop two identities; one they've always had; the other they've been forced to take on. They oppose their parents, take on lovers............ culturally severed from their homeland. As time goe on, the girls perfect their English and abandon their native language to the point thay find it difficult to follow conversation with their father.

Yolanda becomes a writer; she learns to speak through writing stories. She finds stability in a unknown world by conquering the unknown language it speaks.

If you need any more information about the sisters you might want to check out gradesaver's character analysis. It can be linked above.