House on Mango Street

which of the following provides the best explanation of why cisneros includes the scene in which esperaanzaand her friends strut around the neighborhood in high-heeled shoes

to expose the kind of diserputable playmates she is running around with in the neighborhood or to illustrate the extent to which esperanza needs friends

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I think 'none of the above.' The girls are playing, just having fun. There isn't a little girl alive who hasn't wandered off in her mother's or grandmother's high heeled shoes when give the opportunity.

What comes up here is the concept of age; they get a warning from the men on the street who tell them they're too young to be strutting around in high heeled shoes, that they're for older woman. It was a good warning; little girls often want to grow up to fast, and shoes are often a teller of age.

“'Them are dangerous,' he says. 'You girls too young to be wearing shoes like that'”(41).


House on Mango Street