Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet

What was school like for Henry?

needs specific details


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Henry did not have good memories about school. He dropped out of college because he didn't feel like he fit in. Feelings of isolation still had an affect on him, he felt he'd been rejected by his peers. These feeling also followed him through his grade school years, he wasn't even pictured in the yearbook. None-the-less, while looking at the yearbooks with his son, his memories were of his enemies. Not something we expect so many years later.


Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet/ Page 10 and 11

School was very hard fo Henry. He was the only chinese child in the whole school. The othe kids bullied him and everyone descrimintad against him, even the teachers. Even the other CHinese kids who go to a diffrent school are rude to him. He did not enjoy school at all, he mainly just went because of his father. Kieko then came to his school and he was finally not the only Asian attending the school, even though kieko was japinese. Kieko made school a little more enjoyable for Henry since Kieko was "scholarshipping" as well she helped cut the work load in half and provided company for Henry to enteract with. But throughout the novle Henry never grows fond of school.


Hotel on the corner of bitter and sweet by Jamie Ford