Heart of Darkness

I would like to show my asignment to one of the people that answer questions and have it reviewed, is this possible on this site?

Not by putting it in a question, because that could cause trouble when handing it in and seeing that the same thing is on the internet and I might not have written it myself!

I will enclose the requirements of the assignment, so there is an ability to check the aspects that are most relevant.

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We can't do that on this forum............ gradesaver does have an editing service you can take advantage of; information can be found on the home page.

It is for essays, and I am not writing an essay. I am simply writing a diary in which I show that I have full understanding in the language and content of Heart of Darkness. Paying for this editing service that does not even suit the assignment is a waste of money in my opinion.

I will keep it at asking general question about HoD then!

thanks for the answer!

general questions are good.......... I hope the diary is going well. On my way to church, I'll be back to see what you've added when I get back.

What is typical for Marlow throughout the story?

I would like to show my knowledge on Marlow and his character too, are there certain characteristics that make Marlow stand out from the rest of the imperialists from the point of view of a native (could have something to do with the biscuit he gives to a boy in the grove of death scene?)

Is he in a certain mood throughout the story and especially when he is near the grove of death and spectating all the savages working.

It should be something that can be noticed by something he does or the way he looks, again from the point of view of a savage.