Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

How does the death of harry's parents influence harry's character?

What made him an influenced character? What does this show from Harry's perspective at Hogwarts?

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The death of Harry's parents is the catalyst that shapes the entire course of Rowling's narrative. Without their death, Harry would not have spent his childhood with the neglectful Dursleys nor would have entered Hogwarts with little knowledge of his background or importance in the wizarding world. More importantly, the death of his parents gives Harry an impetus for his hatred of Voldemort and ensures that, despite his similarities to the Dark Lord, he will never be seduced by the power of the Dark Arts. The absence of his parents in Harry's life also distinguishes him from the other students: he has endured a loss that none of them can understand, and this sense of isolation and martyrdom will become crucial aspects of later books.



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