Haroun and the Sea of Stories

Why is storytelling important? How does it shape us as humans and as a culture? What would happen if we no longer told stories?

At the end of haroun and the sea of stories

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point form

-stories have been used for years to pass on traditions, or to teach morals

-stories form part of culture

-storytelling brings out emotions in people, sadness, happiness, justice etc and influences them subconsciously

-stories can cheer people up

-stories are a form of entertainment

-as humans: everyone interprets stories differently and whether subconscious or conscious, these affect our choices in life and make us better people

-types of stories one listens to often shows or develops character and attitude

culture: stories have been an integral part of culture for years

-different cultures have different stories which explain their beliefs, or strengthen them

the way a story is told also matters - dances are used to accompany stories in some tribe/cultures, while others use props and actors

no longer told stories - traditions would die out (like Old Zone)

-lose touch with beginnings (iff)

-less fun and joy in the world

-new generations would never hear great stories which the older gen failed to pass down