Haroun and the Sea of Stories

What does the group of Guppies decide to do about Bathcheat and the Ocean?

Its in Chapter 7.

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There is a great noise in the army and Haroun realizes it is all the Pages arguing about the cause for the war. Some think it is to save Batcheat; others think it is to save the Ocean. Haroun thinks that this sounds like mutinous talk, but mutiny is a concept no one understands. Haroun explains that it is an adjective, another concept that the Guppees do not understand. General Kitab flies around the army listening to the arguments and even provoking the disputes. Haroun thinks that earth soldiers would be court marshaled for such talk, but Butt the Hoopoe wonders what the use of Freedom of Speech is if it cannot be used. The army marches on, discussing the General’s secret plans (which he divulged to everyone, of course). Only Prince Bolo remains aloof and Haroun wonders why. Mali, the Floating Gardener, tells him it is because of love, a “wonderful and dashing matter. But which can also be a very foolish thing.”

As the army enters the Twilight Strip, Haroun despairs that it is all a suicidal mission. Butt tells him that he is suffering a “Heart-Shadow,” which happens to everyone the first time they see the Darkness beyond. As they enter Chup, the poison in the water becomes worse and the currents are no longer warm. The Guppees land on the shores, but there are no attacks against them. After establishing a beachhead, Kitab and Bolo fetch Rashid to lead them towards the Princess.