Haroun and the Sea of Stories

haroun and the sea of stories

what does mudra tell others about khattam-shud's shadow

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Mudra is second in command to Khattam-Shud but he has become disgusted with the war and violence. Most Chupwalas do not follow Khattam-Shud or worship Bezaban, but instead live in fear. If Khattam-Shud is defeated, Chupwalas would be in favor of peace. Mudra explains that in Chup, a person’s Shadow is their equal. It can change shapes and forms and sometimes is even dominant over its “Substance or Self or Person.” Peace means that each Chupwala is at peace with their Shadows. Khttam-Shud’s black magic has caused his Shadow to separate from him, and it goes wherever it wishes. Defeating Khattam-Shud means also defeating his shadow.