We've now had serveral different explanations of Hamlet's madness : love (2.1,86,103),his father's death, and that "Our o' erhasty marriage" . Are up people content with these explanations ? Are you ?

COMPLETE sentences

Act I Scene II

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This question calls for an opinion. I find Claudius' explanantion to be less than sincere. I also find the question of Hamlet's melancholy or madness to be questionable. People content themselves with the explanations of others because they don't want to dig deeper and look for the truth. My question would be to ask why anyone troubles themselves over Hamlet's melancholy...... his father has been killed, and his uncle has married his mother..... he's taken the crown for himself. Who wouldn't be thrown by these actions? The death of a father..... the questionable actions on an uncle, and the feeling that your mother has betrayed your father by a quick marriage to a member of the family?