Sc. 2, Lines 1-38: Why does Claudius address his brother's death and his remarriage in the first part of his speech? How does the second part of the speech differ from the first? What impression does Claudius wish to create through this speech?

Why is Claudius actually talking about this all of a sudden?

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Claudius addresses the quickness of the marriage, representing himself as in mourning for a lost brother even as he is joyful for a new wife, his one-time sister. Claudius also addresses the question of the young Fortinbras’ proposed invasion. He says that he has spoken to Fortinbras’ uncle, the King of Norway, who has made Fortinbras promise to halt any plans to invade Denmark. In this speexh, Claudius wishes to convey the impression of a man in mourning, a man in love, and a man capable of ruling his country. He wishes to appear sympathetic and in control.