give some summaries about english poetry which incloud in englis &also english grammar,english historyh M.A

Iam one of the OGNOU 1year english student so smoe poets incloud syllabas

and english history &grammar

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The history of English poetry goes all the way back to the epic poem Beowulf and the sea ballads of the early Anglo-Saxon settlers. The poetry traces its history through Chauser (The Canterbury Tales), the romances of King Arthur and the knights of the Round Table, and then eases into the sonnets of the time period around Shakespear. English language was first Old English (time of Beowulf poet), Middle English (Canterbury Tales) and finally Modern English (Shakespeare). Pronunciation and spelling were standardized by the invention of the printing press so that by Shakespeare's time, we have what is the earliest version of today's modern English diction. While some changes are inevitable in any language, Shakespeare and the King James Bible show us the way in which Modern English will move.