Why would Miranda use Hip-Hop as a way to teach Children about the American Revolution and Alexander Hamilton's journey to becoming a Founding Father? And Why Now?

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Hamilton the Musical! I watched it about 3 months ago, and fell in love with the characters, the way Miranda chose to show the events leading to the Revolutionary War! Miranda has blessed us with an amazing musical WE CAN LITERALLY CALL HISTORY.

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The musical's unexpected and innovative use of hip-hop seems to be at the center of its overwhelming success and its ability to bring the American musical back into the mainstream. But it was also the show's use of social media to spread the word, and smart financial planning to boost ticket prices, that brought it so much attention. According to an article in The Washington Post, "The show organized an “Influencer Night” during the show’s preview performances. [They] invited executives from Silicon Valley and digital media experts to the show and asked them for feedback and online strategy tips." As a result, dozens of celebrities started attending the show and posting about it as well. In response to the growing success of the musical, ticket sellers strategized ways to boost prices in order to see greater returns.