Guns, Germs, and Steel

In what way, the domestication of animals helped the Europeans in their quest to conquer the civilization of native Americans?


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Diamond spends most of his book talking about agriculture and farming, and how it influenced humankind and society in general. In the beginning, humans were hunters and gatherers but, over time, they realized that raising certain animals in enclosed spaces and planting the seeds from the plants they ate could save energy and allow them to focus on pursuits other than tracking down food. The world as we know it today would have never existed if our ancestors did not learn how to raise animals and how to breed plants to better suit their needs. However, the existence of agriculture also explains disparities between different human societies. Those who remained hunter-gatherers did not progress technologically; since agriculture allowed for more supplies of food, it built denser populations with more time for specialization and innovation. Thus, those who developed agriculture also pulled ahead, in terms of technological advances and manpower, of those who did not.