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What is the main idea of the first part of Pepys's diary, titled “The Plague

pepys's diary

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Pepy didn't have a terrible experience during his Plague year in England. He in fact Claire Tomalin writes that 'the most notable fact about Pepys's plague year is that to him it was one of the happiest of his life.' In 1665 he toiled very hard at arduous work, but the outcome was that he quadrupled his fortune. Nonetheless, it was not the case that Pepys was completely unconcerned by the plague. On 16 August he wrote that:

"But, Lord! how sad a sight it is to see the streets empty of people, and very few upon the 'Change. Jealous of every door that one sees shut up, lest it should be the plague; and about us two shops in three, if not more, generally shut up."

Pepy was not so concerned with relaying the horrors of the plague rather than providing a rough account of what happened and adding his sense of "stoicism" during the time.