Gulliver's Travels

What does the author mean by 'natural love of life' in the line "The natural love of life gave me inward motions of joy,and i ready to entertain a hope ........and condition i was in."

third part "a voyage to laputa"

chapter 1or 2

please give the answer in about more than 50-55 words

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"The natural love of life gave me some inward motion of joy, and I was ready to entertain a hope that this adventure might, some way or other, help to deliver

me from the desolate place and condition I was in."

In this chapter, Gulliver is floating adrift in a canoe after insulting the captain of the pirate ship that had taken over the ship he is traveling on. His situation had left him in despair, but his natural love for life (survival and life are something most of us cling to in desparate situations) led him to find joy in the island and people he'd spotted regardless of their peculiar appearance and mysterious circumstances (the island is floating).


Gulliver's Travels/ Part III/ Chapter I