Gulliver's Travels

what circumstances led to the breaking of ship antelope on itsvoyage to the south sea

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A storm hits them and the ship winds up in the Northwest of "Van Diemen's Land". THe men are desperate for water and food, so they send six men including Gulliver for help. Only Gulliver makes it.

The ship ANTELOPE started its voyage to South Sea from Bristol onaye 4,1699. It was driven by a forceful strom to the north-west of Van Diemen's Land during itspassage from Bristol to the East Indies . Twelve of its crew died due to excessive work and unhealthy food . The health of the rest of the crew suffered and they became very weak. On 5 November 1699, the weather turned very hazy. The sailors observed a rock that was about 185 meters away from the ship . Despite the distance ,the ship ANTELOPE was driven directly upon it because of the very strong winds thathe were blowing . Upon hitting the rock ,it immediately splits. Even then six of the crew members were able to row the ship up to five and half kilometres in about half and hour . Then there came a short burst of rain and it overturned completely.


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