Gulliver's Travels

the emperor of lilliput displays many admirable qualities dealing with gulliver.he is every inch a king as is shown by his bearing you agree?

proove with examples

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The ruler of Lilliput. Like all Lilliputians, the emperor is fewer than six inches tall. His power and majesty impress Gulliver deeply, but to us he appears both laughable and sinister. Because of his tiny size, his belief that he can control Gulliver seems silly, but his willingness to execute his subjects for minor reasons of politics or honor gives him a frightening aspect. He is proud of possessing the tallest trees and biggest palace in the kingdom, but he is also quite hospitable, spending a fortune on his captive’s food. The emperor is both a satire of the autocratic ruler and a strangely serious portrait of political power.


The Emperor

The leader of the Lilliputians. He initially is friendly toward Gulliver but changes his mind about him when Gulliver refuses to continue fighting Blefuscu and puts out a fire in the Empress's chamber by urinating on it.



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