Gulliver's Travels

narrate how gulliver takes leave of the emperor of blefuscu? throw light on the factors that help him take this decision.


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While in Blefuscu, Gulliver spies a ship that is the proper size for him to sail in. He spends about a month making repairs, during which time the emperor of Lilliput sends a message demanding that Gulliver be returned so that his sentence can be carried out. The emperor of Blefuscu sends back a message refusing. The Blefuscudian Emperor offers Gulliver his protection in exchange for Gulliver's service.Gulliver refuses. He eventually sets sail and is picked up by a merchant ship and returned to his home, where he makes a solid profit showing Lilliputian-sized livestock he has carried home in his pockets. Guliilver didn't want to be a servant or take sides in any more conflicts.