Gulliver's Travels

How would you describe the nation, the people and the emperor of lilliput after reading the third chapter

This is a question from the novel, " gulliver travels"

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The Lilliputian society chooses its highest officials with silly competitions like seeing who can jump the highest on a tight-rope rather than merit. Thus, they are portrayed as men with such ridiculous degrees of ambition that they're will to embarrass themselves to gain favor. I fail to much pride here

The Lilliputian armies are marked by celebration and formalities. They look impressive, but they aren't exactly the men you'd like to see watching your back in a fight.

The emperor is easily manipulated..... he doesn't have much of a backbone. None-the-less, he is a warmonger, completely intent upon enslaving the people of Blefuscu.


Gulliver's Travels