Gulliver's Travels

How does Gulliver describe his voyage and the conspiracy against him by the crew and his stay in the land of the Houyhnhnms very briefly, and takes offence when all it looks like a vision to the captain? What does it tell of Gulliver?

chapter 4

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"The Author sets out as Captain of a Ship. His Men conspire against him, confine him a long Time to his Cabin, and set him on Shoar in an unknown Land. He travels up into the Country. The Yahoos, a strange Sort of Animal, described. The Author meets two Houyhnhnms."In the country of the Houyhnhnms, Gulliver meets the species that is the most skeptical of him-and for good reason. Gulliver must do everything he can to separate himself from the Yahoos, a very different situation from his distinct positions in Lilliput and Brobdingnag. In order to accomplish this, Gulliver does small things daily like using his best manners, eating with a knife and fork, keeping his clothes on, and being as clean as possible. He shows that he can use language, can reason well, and can be prudent and mannerly. Gulliver becomes enamored with the Houyhnhnms and is ready to turn his back on mankind for good. Gulliver can no longer tolerate humans which accounts for his reaction to the captain.