Gulliver's Travels

"Gulliver's huge dimensions excite and create curiosity and wonder among the people of Lilliput ."All these characters humoric scenes.Explain? in chapter 1!


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Are you asking about Part One/ or Part One- Chapter 1

part 1

The Lilliputians "imprison" him and make him a source of entertainment.

"Gulliver invents a game to entertain the emperor: he sets up a raised stage using his handkerchief and a set of sticks.

On this stage, he sets a troop of 24 of the Emperor's horsemen to perform their maneuvers and drills.

This game goes on until one of the horses tears through the handkerchief with its hoof and injures itself; after that, Gulliver decides the handkerchief is too weak to support the Lilliputians.

As Gulliver gets busy entertaining the Emperor's court, he hears news that something else has washed ashore: a giant black thing that doesn't seem like a living creature."


Also, in Part 1/ Chapter 3, Gulliver's pants are in such poor shape that he's giving everyone a clear view of his privates.....

"opportunities for laughter and admiration" (1.3.7)

Gulliver's Travels