Gulliver's Travels

Gulliver is not only a sea fearer but a walking 'encyclopaedia'; as he is always adding and storing invaluable, amazing facts about people, empires and kingdoms. Do you agree? Explain with examples from the chapter3.

chapter 3

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Gulliver is a wealth information from his endless obervations on society and culture. Gulliver is ready to take part or be an open minded observer for many the strange demonstrations that he sees. In Chapter 3 Gulliver's hat is found washed upon the shore, and he asks the emperor to command his men to bring it to him. It is worn from being dragged the half-mile to the kingdom, but it looks tolerably good. The emperor then asks Gulliver to stand up tall with his legs spread apart so that his troops can march through them. Gulliver takes these experiences and slowly forms educated opinions on societies like Lilliput.