Gulliver's Travels

draw a sketch of the characters of three man in a boat

who are the characters of three man in a boat

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Below, you will find character sketches for Three men in a Boat. Gradesaver does have a question and answer forum for this novel. Please post any further questions in the appropriate category.

Jerome is the narrator of the book. A young, single middle-class man, he lives in London, loves history and literature, spends an inordinate amount of time daydreaming, might be considered conceited, and loves to poke fun at his friends and himself.

George is a bank clerk, who actually sleeps at the bank. He shares a room with his landlady, loves the theatre, and never marries.

Harris runs a full circle in characteristics; he is rather funny, often quiet(though loud, obnoxious, and rude when angry), and also prone to be a little more than lazy. He's one of those people that simply waits for the next guy to get something done rather than do it himself. Harris also likes to drink (drinking makes him short tempered), and he can be boastful.

Montmerency isn't merely a dog—he's part of the group. A fox terrier, he is a clever, adventurous dog, who likes to fight. He does not like cats (surprise).


Three Men in a Boat