Gulliver's Travels

Draw a pen portrait of the Dutchmen in the pirate ships that gulliver incounter in the ship?

gulliver's incounter with dutchmen in more than 150 words.

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The Dutchman was a pirate. He boarded Gulliver's ship (he was not the commander) and noted those on the ship should be tied back to back and thrown in the ocean. Gulliver tried to reason with him based upon the fact they came from from neighboring,allied Christian countries. This only served to make the Dutchman angrier.

Gulliver then conversed with the Japanese captain, who said the men would not be killed. After which, Gulliver responded, “I was sorry to find more mercy in a heathen, than in a brother christian.” As a result, the rest of Gulliver's shipmates were loaded onto pirate ships, while he was cast adrift in a canoe.


Gulliver's Travels