Great Expectations

Would you consider it to be ironic that after all these years and after everything Miss Havisham longs for love and blames Estella for not returning love? What was Estella’s reply to this?

great expectations

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From the text:

‘Love,’ replied the other.

‘You have it.’

‘I have not,’ said Miss Havisham.

‘Mother by adoption,’ retorted Estella, never departing from the easy grace of her attitude, never raising her voice as the other did, never yielding either to anger or tenderness, ‘Mother by adoption, I have said that I owe everything to you. All I possess is freely yours. All that you have given me, is at your command to have again. Beyond that, I have 1Free eBooks at Planet nothing. And if you ask me to give you what you never gave me, my gratitude and duty cannot do impossibilities.’


Great Expectations