Great Expectations

Why do you think the author ends by describing Pip and Estella walking hand in hand - "as the morning mists had risen long ago when i first left the forge, so the evening mists were risen now"?

Chapter 59

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Although we are not witness to Estella's transformation from ice queen to sensitive lady, we, as readers, must in the end forgive her for her treatment of Pip. Estella, moreso than Pip, represents the abused child, the true victim of circumstance, that Dickens presents in many other characters throughout his novels. The above quote speaks to a love between the two that is much different from their previous relationship. There is some justice in Estella and Pip finally finding love in each other. Because of their difficulties, they seem both to have come to a realization of what it means to be happy and therefore are ready for a healthy relationship with each other. Chapter Nineteen demonstrated that Pip had been living an upright life for 11 years when he finally runs into Estella again. Estella might be seen as the final reward for a true Victorian gentleman.