Great Expectations

When the search party finds the two convicts, each one has his own explanation how/why they escaped and are now fighting in the mud. What is Pip’s convicts explanation? The other convicts explanation? What can be inferred about their relationship based

Chapter 5, short and clear please

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Joe, Pip, and Mr. Wopsle are allowed to follow the soldiers into the marshes. They soon find the two convicts wrestling each other in the mud. The one with the hat accuses the other, Pip's convict, of trying to kill him, but the other replies that he would have done it if he really wanted to. Instead, he had been the one who had called for the soldiers and was willing to sacrifice himself just so the one with the hat would get caught again. From this we can infer they were associates in crime, and were initially incarcerated around the same time for the same reason. The two men had an obvious history.