Great Expectations

When the novel is over tell what effect you believe it has had on you. Have any of your ideas about true love, nobility, social class, family, or friendship changed? Why or Why not?

I need your opinions! i need to write a journal with this so give good information but not too much

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You know I read this thing back in my Eng lit. class in high school. I thought it was boring at the time (I had other teenager things on my mind, like girls). Thing about Dickens is that he has a way of capturing the imagination. My life has little to do with Victorian English gentry but has plenty to do with what is really important in life. I often think about Pip if I get caught up in making money or achieving prestige. I remember that after all is said and done, the people you love is all you have. In that sense Dickens was able to capture the human spirit in all its ugliness and glory.