Great Expectations

What motivates Miss Havisham to offer financial help to Herbert and Pip? Why do you think Pip refuses to accept any money for himself?

great expectations

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Pip visits Miss Havisham the next day and she regrets that she has caused so much pain and sorrow. Pip feels sorry for her, as she is now quite alone in her large house. She agrees to help Herbert and gives Pip a note for Jaggers authorizing Pip to receive money for Herbert. She also offers to help Pip financially, but he refuses. Miss Havisham now needs forgiveness and she drops down on her knees crying out ‘what have I done?’ Pip had made it clear to her the evil that she had committed. Certainly Miss Havisham wants to atone for her sins and money is all that she has to offer. Although Pip feels badly for the old lady, he refuses to let her buy back the pain that she has caused him.