Great Expectations

Reread the descriptions of Miss Havisham. What images does the author invoke to describe her? Why?

short. p. 302-303

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Ms. Havisham is now more obsessed with Estella more than ever. She loves what Estella is able to do to men. She rejoices in the breaking of mens hearts Estella is able to do now because of her teachings from Ms. Havisham. Ms. Havisham is now using Estella to kind of take out her hatred on me. She makes it so Estella is completely lovable, yet does not allow her to get close enough to love. As a result of this Estella has become incapable of loving, or at this moment she is. Ms. Havisham clings to everything Estella is, she’s her only way to the outside world. Estella is able to do everything Ms. Havisham is not willing to let go of.